Business in East and Southeast Asia

Spring 2020

C - Shanghai Pudong 3 2006 Lauri Paltemaa

Business in East and Southeast Asia (4 or 6 ECTS)

Organiser: Aalto University School of Business / University Network for Asian Studies

Instructor: Dr. Lu Wei

Time: 3 February – 3 May, 2020

Goals: East and Southeast Asia have one-quarter of the world population and are a fast growing economic region. The course aims at providing insights into this macro region with increasing integration into the global economy. The course focuses on the interplay between the international, national, and sub-national systems in Pacific Asia. Economic and political institutions as well as business cultures and practices are discussed leading to an analysis of the region as an operational environment for multinational enterprises.

Taken as:

The course consists of two parts.
The 4 credit part includes online lectures, reading materials and writing assignments.
The 2 credit part contains a term paper (essay).
Students can either take 4 or 6 credits. However, it is highly recommended to take the whole 6 credit course.

Grading: on a scale of 1 to 5

Application period: November 4-24, 2019. Go to application instructions. This course has a maximum intake of 100 students. Students are selected in the order of application. The places are divided evenly between the member universities. Some universities may define quotas on the number of students who can take courses offered by the Asia Network. Information about the quotas is published before the application periods start.

Photo: Lauri Paltemaa, Asianet Material Bank