Contemporary East Asia (6 ECTS )

Spring 2018


 Contemporary East Asia (6 ECTS)

(This course is equivalent of the East Asia part of the old B-Society and Politics in the 2014 and earlier Asian Programme)

Organiser: Centre for East Asian Studies, University of Turku

Instructor: University Teacher Silja Keva (

Times: January 8 – early March, 2018.

Course Description: The module provides the students with basic knowledge of the current social, political and economic trends and challenges in East Asia. In addition to addressing recent developments in individual countries, the module also deals with the emerging regional forms of cooperation.

Learning Outcomes: Students will acquire basic knowledge of today’s social, political and economic phenomena in East Asia.

Taken as: lectures, readings, discussion assignment, and final exam (4 ECTS)  and thematic online course (2 ECTS).

Grading: On a scale of 1–5

Application period: Application period open 6th -24th November, 2017. Go to application instructions.

Introduction to the Course

The module consists of lectures, readings, and exam+assignment (4 ECTS) and thematic online course (2 ECTS).

1) Lectures consists of 9 video lectures by specialists of Chinese, Japanese and Korean society and politics. The exam is taken as a home exam.  Readings and lectures are examined together.

2) Readings will familiarize the students with the current social and political phenomena of East Asia, as well as regional forms of cooperation. The exam is taken as a home exam. Readings and lectures are examined together.


3) Web course (2 ECTS) Media Reading Course
This course introduces students to newspapers and the media culture of China and Japan. The course material consists of online articles, e-newspapers and other reading materials. The course includes a short assignment and essay (ca. 2,000 words)

Photo: Jukka Aukia