Culture in East and Southeast Asia (6 ECTS )

Autumn 2017


Culture in East and Southeast Asia (6 ECTS)

This course is given for the last time in autumn 2017.


Organiser: University of Turku, Centre for East Asian Studies

Instructor: Jukka Aukia (jukka.aukia[at]

Time: Start Date 26th September, Autumn term

Learning Outcomes: The course gives students an introduction to the cultural history and contemporary cultures of the region.

Course Description:  This course introduces students to the societies of the region through cultural history and contemporary culture. Particular focus is given to national identity formation through everyday life and popular culture. Context (materials) for the course are among others films and music, and other creative fields where local identities are built, discussed, and contested.

Taken as: TBA

Grading: On a scale of 1–5

Application period: Application period open 21st August – 15th September, 2017.  Go to application instructions.


Photo: Lukas Las, Asianet Material Bank