Korean for Beginners

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Korean for Beginners, 3 ECTS


The Elementary Korean language course is open to all students of the member universities of the University Network. This includes students from Aalto University, the Universities of Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku, and Vaasa, and Åbo Akademi. Ten students from each member university will be accepted to the course, in the order of application. Note that only students from the member universities of the Asian Network can apply to this course.

NOTE: Completing an online language course requires much self-discipline and active learning especially in completing the various language assignments. Please apply to this course only if you are confident that you are able to devote the time and energy necessary to complete it.

Time: autumn 2018

Goals: After the course students should be able to read and write Hangeul and to use basic memorized phrases and vocabularies from the themes in order to communicate in simple everyday situations. Students should be able to respond to simple greetings and questions in a simple sentence according to Korean language culture.

Contents:  This online course emphasizes on learning basic knowledge of Korean language as well as reading and writing Korean characters, Hangeul. Basic Korean communication skill will be introduced. Basic expressions about self-introduction, day, weather, and food will be introduced. Attention is also paid to basic grammar.

Taken as: Online lectures, Online seminars, Assignments, Written exams.

Grading: On a scale of 1-5.

Application period: Application period for the next course is September 3-23, 2018.

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