Chinese Foreign Policy and EU-China Relations (5 ECTS )

Autumn 2017

Federica Mogherini in China

Chinese Foreign Policy and EU-China Relations
(5 ECTS)

Organiser: University of Jyväskylä

Instructor: Prof. Song Xinning (Renmin University of China) and Examiner Jarkko Haapanen (JYU)

Time: 1st October – 1st December, 2017

Learning Outcomes: The main purpose of the course is to introduce the historical evolution of Chinese foreign policy, and the foreign policy priorities of the Chinese new leadership, to look into the development of EU-China relations since 1975, especially the recent 10 years of EU-China comprehensive strategic partnership and the new tendencies and policies of the current Chinese leadership.

Taken as: lectures (18h), readings, essay

Historical evolution of the PRC foreign policy (Cold War period)

  1. Lean to one side (1949–1959)
  2. Revolutionary Self-Reliance (1960–1970)
  3. Triangular Diplomacy (1971–1989)

Historical evolution of the PRC foreign policy (After the Cold War period)

  1. Deng Xiaoping’s 24-word principle
  2. Domestic economic development and foreign policy
  3. Free rider and responsible power

Foreign policy priorities of Chinese new leadership

  1. Domestic versus international
  2. Regional versus global
  3. Bilateral versus multilateral
  4. Global partnership network strategy

Evolution of EU-China relationship

  1. EC-China relationship during the Cold War period
  2. EU-China in the post-Cold War era
  3. EU-China Comprehensive Strategic partnership

New leadership and new type of EU-China strategic partnership

  1. Euro-Crisis and EU-China
  2. New Leadership and EU-China
  3. New Style, New Preference and New Policy


Grading: On a scale of 1–5

Target GroupThe Master’s level courses are aimed for students who have already acquired some knowledge about Asia or on the specialty of the particular course.

Application: The application period for this course is 21st August – 15th September, 2017. Go to application instructions.

Photo: European External Action Service, Creative Commons