South Korea’s International Relations (3 ECTS )

Autumn 2017


South Korea’s International Relations (3 ECTS)

Instructor: Stephen Ranger

Time: 9th October – 15th November, 2017

Course Description: This course will examine how South Korea was able to develop its diplomacy beyond a single focus on its main adversary: North Korea. It will explore the decision-making processes, significant historical landmarks, stakeholders, and major issues that have all shaped its diplomacy. Finally, the course will seek to answer the question on what kind of “niche” role South Korea can play in this globalized age.

Learning Outcomes: From this course, students will learn about the emergence of South Korea as a global player in international politics. Equipped with this knowledge, students will be able to understand more about how emerging countries can contribute to the global agenda. Furthermore, they will have analysed the key variables driving international relations in East Asia, a region that will play a critical role in the future.

Taken as: Online lectures, course readings, two assignments, and a final essay.

Grading: On a scale of 1–5

Target GroupThe Master’s level courses are aimed for students who have already acquired some knowledge about Asia or on the specialty of the particular course.

Application: Application period open 21st August – 15th September, 2017. Go to application instructions.

Photo:, Creative Commons