Mini Minor in Asian Studies (min. 10 ECTS )

  • Next application round for the Asianet courses is September 3-23, 2018.
  • APPLICATION FORM (open during the application period)


The Mini Minor is designed for students who prefer to include a small minor in Asian Studies in their degree. It provides the possibility to gain advanced knowledge of a specific theme or region.

To complete the Mini Minor, choose one of the themes below. The Mini Minor is designed so that you familiarize youself with the theme first in the basic course (courses from the Asian Programme) and then deepen your knowledge with advanced Master’s level courses to get at least 10 credits in total. Please note, that the Master’s level courses require prior knowledge about the specific country and/or the particular field (e.g. economy, politics…). In order to receive the Mini Minor degree, the courses you choose should be part of one of two recommended thematic areas (see below).

CHANGE IN APPLICATION PROCESS: Starting from Autumn 2018 you no longer need to apply for the Mini Minor separately. Instead, just select the basic and advanced level courses you wish to take and apply for them individually with the Asianet application form. Once you have earned enough credits and completed the required courses, contact the Asianet Contact Person (information can be found in the infobox on the right) to receive the Mini Minor degree. Each student is responsible for following his/her courses.


Mini Minor Themes:

I Contemporary East Asia

BASIC COURSE: Contemporary East Asia (6 ECTS)
ADVANCED COURSES (choose one or more):

II Business in East and Southeast Asia

BASIC COURSE: Business in East and Southeast Asia (6 ECTS)
ADVANCED COURSES: (choose one or more)

Who can apply?

1. University students who hold a valid study right in one of the University Network’s member universities can apply to courses and take them for free.

Member universities are:
Aalto University
University of Helsinki
University of Jyväskylä
University of Tampere
University of Turku
University of Vaasa
Åbo Akademi University

2. Students at Universities of Applied Sciences can take courses in this programme for free if their school endorses the study fee (€350). These students can take min. 10 ECTS and max. 16 ECTS as part of one Mini Minor. First read these instructions. Then fill in the application form on the Asianet website.

3. Self-paying students (other individuals including students from non-member universities and students from universities of applied sciences whose school will not pay the study fee) can apply to the programme as independent students. The study fee for self-paying students completing the Mini Minor is €250 / 10–16 ECTS.
With regards to non-Finnish citizens who apply to the Programme as self-paying students, the Network Board makes the decisions on admission case by case.
To apply, carefully read the instructions for self-paying students in our Study Guide under “Mini Minor” -> “How to apply”.

When to apply?

Before applying to the courses, students should check if they are able to include these studies in their degree at their home university.