Culture in East and Southeast Asia

Autumn 2020


Culture in East and Southeast Asia (3 or 5 ECTS)

Organiser: University of Turku, Centre for East Asian Studies / University Network for Asian Studies

Teacher: Dr. Jukka Aukia, University of Turku

Time: This course will not be arranged during the academic year 2021-2022.

Learning Outcomes: The module gives students an introduction to the cultural history and contemporary cultures of the region.

Course Description:  This course introduces students to the societies of the region through cultural history and contemporary culture. Particular focus is given to national identity formation through everyday life and popular culture. Context (materials) for the course are among others films and music, and other creative fields where local identities are built, discussed, and contested.

Taken as:

The module consists of lectures, group discussions, reading materials and exam (3 ECTS), an essay (2 ECTS). This course has quite a loose schedule, there are no fixed lecture times.

Students can choose between two options:
1) the whole module (5 ECTS), or
2) the lectures, group discussions, reading materials and exam (3 ECTS).

If you are planning to complete the Asian Programme or Mini Minor, you should take the whole 6 credits.

Group discussions are done in English, writing assignments and the essay can be written in either English, Finnish or Swedish.

Grading: On a scale of 1–5

Application period: August 24–September 13, 2020.  Go to application instructions. This course has a maximum intake of 100 students. Students are selected in the order of application. The places are divided evenly between the member universities. Some universities may define quotas on the number of students who can take courses offered by the Asia Network. Information about the quotas is published before the application periods start.

Available through the Open University of the University of Turku.

Persons who are not registered at the member universities of the University Network for Asian Studies, can apply to this course via the Open University at the University of Turku. There is a quota of five students on this course for students of the Open University. Please note that the Open University has an own, separate application process.
Information about the application criteria and study fees is available on this web site
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Photo: Lukas Las, Asianet Material Bank