How to apply for Bachelor’s level courses?


Next application period 23.8.-14.9.2021

The online bachelor’s level courses of the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies provide you with basic knowledge of the history and contemporary societies of East, Southeast and South Asia, as well as business environments of East and Southeast Asia. There are four undergraduate courses suitable for anyone interested in Asia. The East, Southeast and South Asia courses are thought in Finnish, while the Business in East and Southeast Asia course is taught in English.

By combining bachelor’s level courses with master’s level courses from the University Network for Asian Studies, you can complete a minor through the “Mini Minor in Asian Studies” (10 ECTS) or the “Asian Programme” (at least 25 ECTS).

Each bachelor’s level course consists of two parts:
– A basic course (3 ECTS) that is open to all and free of charge, which is organized as a MOOC
– Advanced section (2 ECTS) which is open free of charge to students from member universities of the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies, and for a fee to other students.

You can apply for one or multiple courses. If you wish to take more than one course, please consider whether this is feasible, as online courses require good time management and considerable amount of independent studying.


Bachelor’s level courses:

1. Johdatus Itä-Aasiaan (3 + 2 ECTS) (Autumn term) (Only available in Finnish)
Kurssi johdattaa opiskelijan Kiinan, Etelä-Korean, Pohjois-Korean ja Japanin historiaan ja nyky-yhteiskuntiin. Kurssilla tutustutaan maiden poliittisiin järjestelmiin ja erityispiirteisiin kuten Kiinan puolue-valtiojärjestelmä, tarkastellaan talouden kehityskaaria ja pohditaan yhteiskunnallisia ilmiöitä kuten väestön ikääntyminen, työelämän haasteet ja naisten ja vähemmistöjen asema.

2. Johdatus Kaakkois-Aasiaan (3 + 2 ECTS) (Autumn term) (Only available in Finnish)
Kurssi johdattaa opiskelijan Kaakkois-Aasian kulttuuriseen ja uskonnolliseen moninaisuuteen, nyky-yhteiskuntiin ja talouteen. Kurssilla opiskelijat tutustuvat alueeseen eri teemojen kautta. Keskeisiä aiheita ovat talouden kehitys ja kestävän kehityksen kysymykset kuten ympäristöongelmat ja kansalaisyhteiskunta. Kurssi käsittelee myös alueellista yhteistyötä Mekong-joen alueella, Aseanin piirissä ja muuttoliikkeen hallinnassa

3. Johdatus Etelä-Aasiaan (3 + 2 ECTS) (Spring term) (Only available in Finnish)
Kurssilla keskiössä on Etelä-Aasian maiden yhteiskunnallinen, taloudellinen, poliittinen ja kulttuurinen muutos kolonialismin jälkeisissä kansallisvaltioissa. Se käsittelee myös alueen valtioiden vuorovaikutusta sekä alueen roolia kansainvälisessä kontekstissa. Kurssi tutustuttaa opiskelijat erityisesti Intiaan: sen talouteen, nykykulttuuriin ja ympäristökysymyksiin.

4. Introduction to Business in East and Southeast Asia (3 +2 op) (spring term)
The course covers various aspects of business and management practices such as location decision, market access and supply chains. Students learn about individual countries as well as regional economic integration.


Minor Study Programmes

Asian programme 25 ECTS

The Asian Programme is an interdisciplinary study programme which gives students basic knowledge of East, Southeast and South Asia. After taking the introductory courses the students can deepen their knowledge with business and cultural history. Students can either take the whole Asian Programme or individual courses. This minor consists of at least three Bachelor level course modules described above (3 x 5 ECTS) and elective Masters level courses offered by the Asia Network.

Mini minor 10 ECTS

The Mini Minor is designed for students who prefer to include a small minor in Asian Studies in their degree. It provides the possibility to gain advanced knowledge of a specific theme or region.  The Mini Minor consists of one bachelor level course (5 credits) and suitable masters level courses. More details can be found here.


How to apply?

1. Students of Asia Network’s member universities

Students who are actively enrolled in a member university of the Asia Network can take the courses free of charge.

The member universities are:
University of Jyväskylä
University of Tampere
University of Turku

+ Tampere University of Applied Sciences (through University of Tampere’s membership)
+ Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (through University of Jyväskylä’s membership)

2. Other students

a) As an external self-paying student of the Asia Network (University of Turku).

You can apply for the courses as an external self-paying student by paying a fee of 250 euros for the minor study right (up to 25 ECTS). To do this, you must first fill the Asia Network application form and the application form for non-degree studies. Once you have received the acceptance letter, pay the study fee before the courses start in order to receive the registration codes for the courses.

For Master’s level courses, sufficient background knowledge of the course subjects is required. Self-paid students must demonstrate that they have the necessary background knowledge, either through studies or work experiences.

b) Through Open University at the University of Turku

Some of the Asia Network courses organized by the Centre for East Asian Studies of the University of Turku can be taken through the Open University of Turku. The Open University has its own, separate application process, criteria and fees. For more information, please visit this page.

c) Bachelor’s level MOOC-courses are free of charge for everyone. Course areas can be accessed during the course period via DigiCampus platform-> MOOC-courses -> Asianet by logging into the course with your Google or HAKA account. Independently enrolled students will receive a certificate from the DigiCampus platform after completing the course, but they will not receive credits. 

Please read the application instructions carefully from the website.


When to apply?

Autumn term: 23.8. – 14.9. 2021

Spring term: 1-21. 11. 2021

Summer term: 28.3-24.4.2022


Study Credits

Students who enroll through the Asia Network or the Open University of Turku and who successfully complete a course will automatically receive their study credits form any course.

Students who enroll independently in a MOOC course (3 ECTS) will receive a certificate after successfully completing a course, but they will not receive credits.

Before applying for a course, please check with your own institution whether you can include the course in your degree.