China’s changing global role: different perspectives

Spring 2021

China on the map

China’s changing global role: different perspectives, 3 ECTS

Organiser: University of Turku, Centre for East Asia Studies / University Network for Asian Studies

Instructor: Niki Sopanen, Doctoral candidate, Doctoral Programme in Political, Soci­etal and Regional Change, University of Helsinki

Time: 15.3.-9.5. 2021

Goals: The aim of this course is to provide different scholarly perspectives to the very complex and contested issue of China’s changing global role.

Contents: China is regaining its position as a global power and it aims to become a leading power not only in the sphere of economy but also in technology, culture, and military strength. At the same, China is challenging existing norms of global governance and promoting new alternatives to the global economic and political system that have been built since the Second World War, mainly by Western countries. In this course, various Finnish and Chinese experts address China’s changing global role from the angle of their own academic background. The course provides different approaches for the analysis of China’s rise.

 Taken as:

  • Online lectures, course readings and online materials
  • Quiz on the contemporary history of China’s foreign relations
  • Short writing assignments and group discussions


Application period:  November 2–22, 2020.
Please check if your university is a member of the Asia Network in 2021. There are changes in the membership at the turn of the year.

Go to application instructions. This course has a maximum intake of 60 students. Students are selected in the order of application. The places are divided evenly between the member universities.