Women and the Media in China

Spring 2021

Women and the Media in China (3 or 5 ECTS)

Language: English or Finnish

Time: This course will not be organized during the academic year 2021-2022

Organizer: University of Tampere, Unit of Communication Sciences/Faculty of ITC

Course instructor: Docent Svetlana Pasti

Goals: The aim of the course is to increase the awareness about Chinese culture, society and the media field and the position of women in them.

Contents: China is in a constant zone of criticism of the West in terms of freedom of the press, the Internet, and human rights. This criticism is inevitable in the framework of the Western centrist concepts of liberalism versus conservatism (authoritarianism). This course offers students an alternative, let’s call, de-Westernization approach to the consideration of modern China in the issues of media, journalism and women. This approach includes a historical perspective on the development of media and society, an ethnographic perspective on modern leadership and the position of women in society and the profession, and a reflective perspective expected from students in the course of their analytical work on given topics. That is, the overall goal in teaching this course is to expand the horizon of understanding of modern China by students through its past and present, beyond the ‘normalized’ dichotomy of liberalism versus conservatism. A comprehensive view is provided by inviting Chinese teachers and selecting course materials that generously include Chinese authors.

The course includes the following sections:

Session 1. Introduction to Chinese media: The historical context and current realities

Session 2. Gender, media and leadership in China in the era of deepening authoritarianism             

 Session 3. Women and Communication Activism in China      

 Session 4. Women’s leadership development based on life-long education: Sharing experiences and values    

 Session 5. Women – journalists and media producers  


Taken as:

The course consists of two parts: online lectures and short writing assignments (3 ECTS); and an optional essay (2 ECTS).

Students have two options:

1) Take the whole module with 5 ECTS or

2) take only the 3 ECTS course with lectures, readings and assignments.

Application period : November 2–22, 2020.
Please check that your university is a member of the Asia Network in 2021. There might be changes in the membership at the turn of the year.

Go to application instructions. This course has a maximum intake of 60 students. Students are selected in the order of application. The places are divided evenly between the member universities. 

Photo: Outi Luova