Project Management in China and East Asia

Autumn 2023

Application period: August 21 –  September 17, 2023

Level: Master’s level

Language: English

Amount of credits: 4 cr

Time: Autumn 2023 NOTE: TIME HAS CHANGED!

Organizer: University of Turku, School of languages and translation studies, Centre for East Asian Studies

Instructors: Hui Shi, Outi Luova, Yoko Demelius, Mary Song.

Goals: This course is designed to train students in developing and ‘pitching’ a project idea, drafting a project proposal, and writing in a concise manner. At the end of the course students will be familiar with basic techniques of project planning and central aspects of project cycle management. During the course students will be required to do both individual exercises and group work. The group work assignment (drafting a final project proposal) will enhance their online teamwork skills, which are essential in today’s working life. Course participants will exchange and discuss project ideas and make decisions with other group members. By means of drafting a project in a specific East Asian country, students deepen their understanding of the institutional and socio-political setting in one country, acquire intercultural knowledge and sensitivity for institutional differences, and learn how to transfer their theoretical knowledge into skills of practical implementation.

Contents: This course introduces students to project management in general and in East Asia in particular. Students learn to design and plan a concrete (notional) project, organize and manage resources to achieve the specific project goals, outcomes and outputs. The course starts with basic exercises in project planning techniques after which students learn about project management in East Asian countries. To complete the course, students draft in groups a project proposal for a project that could be implemented in East Asia.

Lecturers will provide individual feedback to the project proposals.

Taken as:
Online lectures, exercises (Logical framework, WBS-diagram, GANTT chart, budget), reading materials, short summaries of country specific lectures, final project proposal.

The course requires strict commitment to the course schedule. Failure to do the required course work in time inhibits from continuing the course.

Grading: 0-5

Preconditions for participation: Basic knowledge of at least one East Asian country

Application process:

Students who hold a valid study right at University Network’s member university can take this course for free. This includes both degree students and exchange students.

Other students can apply to the course as external self-paying students of the University of Turku or via the Open University at the University of Turku.

This course has a maximum intake of 60 students. Students are selected in the order of application. The places are divided evenly between the member universities of the Network.

Go to application instructions by clicking here.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive a  message about the decision. This will come a few weeks after the application period has ended. If you are accepted to the course, you will receive a welcoming email on the first day of the course, and gain access to the course site in the Moodle. The welcome email comes to the address you have given in the application form. It may go to the spam or offers-folder of your email (at least gmail tends to do it), so check those folders too.

Photo: Outi Luova