Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I am not a student in one of the Network universities. Can I still participate in the Network's teaching?

This is possible if you or your institution pays   for the study credits you plan to do. Students of universities of applied sciences can ask their university to pay the fee or then you can apply as a self-paying independent student. A self-paying student is registered as a non-degree student at the University of Turku. With regard to non-Finnish citizens who apply to the Programme as self-paying students, the Network Board makes the decisions on admission case by case.  The study fee for self-paying students is €250.

1.1 How to fill the application form for non-degree student (self-paying student)

  • Applying to study as a self-paying non-degree student. Firstfill in the application form from Asianet-website. If you’re not currently enrolled in any university / polytechnic answer “self-paying” when asked for. After you have accepted you need to register as a non-degree student at the University of Turku. You will find this form in the each of the programme pages under “How to apply?”
  • Instructions on how to fill in the application from for non-degree studies:
    • Fill in the personal information.
    • The Application section: I am applying for the right to study in the following discipline, write “Finnish University Network for Asian Studies”
    • Module/Course: write “Asian Programme ” or “Advanced level course Asianet courses”
    • Write the names of the courses you want to study. Please make sure you don’t courses over the maximum limit. See limits from each programme page (Asian Programme, Mini Minor, Advanced courses).
    • Tick the right semester option and add the year in “I am applying for the right to study from”
    • Remember to sign your application!
    • Send the application directly to the Network Coordination Unit  (see address in the sidebar) 
    • You will receive instruction on how to pay the study fee after the application period is over. You cannot start your studies before the invoice has been paid.

2. Who signs the confirmation letter of acceptance for students from applied universities?

The answer to this varies according to where you study. For example the person who is responsible for your study programme or finances can sign the letter.

3. Is it possible to complete the Asian Studies Programme in two years or more?

This is possible but we recommend that you take as many courses as possible during your first year. You need to register to the programme again each semester.

4. Is it possible to complete the Network courses from abroad?

You may do the studies abroad but you have to make sure yourself that you find the necessary materials and your internet connection functions accordingly. The coordination unit cannot guarantee those. University students in general have the possibility to access their home university library databases from abroad but some books may be difficult to find outside Finland. Exam times are in Finnish time. You must also make sure that you are enrolled in your home university while completing the studies abroad.
See Study Guide.

5. Can I take the courses when I am working full-time?

Yes you can. If you take part in the programme as a university or polytechnic student, you have to be registered as present.

An online home exam may be completed anywhere you wish – in your home or in a library. You only need to return your answer within the given exam time according to instructions. These exams are not held in any physical space; each student may write their answers where they wish.  An online home exam has a starting time. This is when the exam questions are published on the course web site. For an exam answer to be accepted it needs to be returned according to instructions before the exam time finishes. See study guide

7. I am an exchange student. I will return back to my home country while the Asian Studies programme is still running. Can I finish the programme from home?

This is not possible. You can take the courses in the Asian Studies Programme as long as you are in Finland on exchange.

8. Which courses have I already taken in the Asian Studies Programme?

Ask the Programme Organiser. See contact information. Or track your own courses registration from UTU Nettiopsu credit registry. In order to do so, you need to activate your UTU user account. Read more from the Study Guide.

Each academic semester you have to register again. Also old students must register again.

10.  In what language do I answer the exam questions or write the essays?

If the answer to this question remains unclear after reading the specific course instructions, please ask the teacher of that specific course.

11. How are credits from the courses transferred to my own degree? Is it automatic?

Credits are not transferred to your own degree automatically. The credits are transferred twice a year to the contact person in your institution. Some universities register the credits automatically while some do not. Contact the person who is responsible for this in your university. See study guide.

12.  Can the Master's Level level courses be taken with the Asian Studies Programme?

Yes they can starting from 2015. Read more from the Asian Programme Study Guide.