Apply Master’s and Doctoral level online courses on Asia (10-23.11.2014)!

The University Network for Asian Studies offers a variety of Master and Doctoral level courses for students wanting to deepen their knowledge on Asia. Applications are now accepted to the following courses (see list below).

Application period ends 23.11.2014. Courses are arranged in spring 2015 and they are free of charge to the students of the member universities of the Network (Aalto, JY, LTY, OY, TaY, TY, VY and ÅA) and for students of universities of applied sciences whose schools agrees to cover the studies. Other interested students and individuals can take the courses by paying a study fee. Read more from the course pages.

Master’s level courses in spring 2015

Introduction to Chinese Law (4 cr), 5.2.-15.4.
Chinese Economy (5 cr)
Literature and Life in China (5 cr)
Sino-Indian Issues (5 cr)
Contemporary Japanese Politics and Society (5 cr)
Politics in East Asia (5 cr)
Religions of East and Southeast Asia (5 cr)
What Food Crisis? (5 cr)
Contemporary Korean Society (5 cr)

Doctoral level courses in spring 2015

Doing fieldwork in Asia (China, Japan, Indonesia)
Localising Theories

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