Japan Master’s Thesis Workshop, May 11th in Helsinki. DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 25.3. 2015!

Japan Master’s Thesis Workshop, May 11th in Helsinki

Master’s students who are planning to write their thesis about Japan are invited to apply to the “Japan Master’s Thesis Workshop”.

The application period is March 5-25.3, 2015.

The goal of this workshop is to help master’s students in social science and humanities to define and frame the topic of their Japan related master’s thesis. With the help of this workshop students can then effectively start their work in the autumn term, with a feasible and well defined topic. This workshop is designed to help master’s students in this crucial moment.

Apply to the Asian Programme 2015! Application period is September 1-30, 2014

In the workshop, students will be divided into small groups according to their topics, with four to five students and one supervisor. In the groups each student will briefly present his/her own topic which then will be commented by the supervisor and discussed among the participants. Everybody in the small group is expected to have read all the group’s papers before the workshop in order to ensure fruitful discussion. The supervisor will lead the discussion and in the end draw conclusions and make suggestions for each student in the small group. The workshop will take at the most three hours, including a tea break. Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements.

When the application period is opened, students can send their preliminary topic of the thesis through the online application form. Applicants can be from any Finnish university. From the applications, a maximum of 25 participants will be selected. The selected students should submit their research proposal (2 pages) latest on April 29th. The research proposal should explain the goal of the thesis, main research questions and methods.

The workshop is organized jointly by the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies, the Hokkaido University Helsinki office, the Japanese Embassy in Helsinki, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and the University of Helsinki. The Finnish University Network for Asian Studies is responsible for organizing the event.

The master’s thesis workshop on Japan is arranged in connection with the “Research and Study Possibilities in and on Japan” -seminar.