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Work Effectively in Chinese Working Environments


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Chinese organizations and working environments have many specific features that are under rapid change due to globalization and digitization. This course will improve your understanding of current Chinese workplace cultures and give you tools to work effectively with Chinese organizations in changing environments. It will challenge stereotypes of Chinese work culture, and will be taught by experts of China who will help you to better deal with the complexities of Chinese working life.

Develop your CI and knowledge about today’s Chinese workplace cultures 

During the course, participants will learn 1) to understand the basic aspects of working in multicultural environments and develop their cultural intelligence (CI) and 2) to interpret specific features of Chinese workplace cultures through practical examples. Specific topics include differences in decision-making and leadership cultures, group work practices, organisational hierarchies, ideas of responsibility, communication patterns, and ways of building trust.

For whom?

  • The course is aimed at leaders and employees working in Chinese companies or working with Chinese partners.
  • It is conducted as an online course, so participation is not restricted by location. Course materials are in English, and the coursework can be done either in Finnish or in English.

Complete the course on your own time

This course is taken online, which allows participants the flexibility of completing the course at their own convenience.

The course includes online lectures, reading materials, short writing assignments, group discussions and a learning diary.

The course teachers will give feedback on all course assignments.

Based on your company’s needs, the course may also include contact teaching.

Participants will receive a certificate after the completion of the course.

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Until the end of March  2020 the course is provided as a two-week  intensive course.


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The more people that participate from your company, the cheaper the price.

Examples of prices:

  • 1 participant 880€ +VAT
  • 3 participants 2340€ + VAT
  • 5 participants 3700€ + VAT

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The course is organised by the Centre for East Asian Studies (CEAS) at the University of Turku. CEAS is the only university unit in Finland focusing on contemporary East Asia. The course is provided by the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies, which has offered efficient online teaching courses since 1999.


  • Ask for more information from

Dr Outi Luova, Director of the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies
Responsible teacher of the course

tel +358 (0)294 503058, e-mail