Application period of autumn 2020 online courses 24.8-13.9

Application period for Asianet online courses organised in autumn 2020 is coming!

Application period: August 24 – September 13, 2020

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Our online courses give you a chance to study the most dynamic region in the world – when and where it is best for you. You can study business, societies and cultures of East, Southeast and South Asia in our versatile courses. Whether your career or study plans relate to Asia or you are interested in international affairs in general, take these courses to learn about Asia and the individual countries both at introductory as well as advanced level.

The studies are free of charge for registered (degree and exchange) students from member universities of the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies (Aalto, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku, Vaasa, Åbo). Some of the courses are also available through the Open University of the University of Turku for other interested individuals. Check each course page to see whether the course is available through one of the Open Universities.

If you are interested in taking a minor programme that requires studies even during the spring term, please check whether your university is a member of the Asia Network during the period 2021-25. Students whose university is not a member can take courses as self-paying students. As regards information about membership, we are providing information as we receive it.

We have courses on both basic and advanced level. You can take single courses or combine 2 or more courses into a minor degree. The small Mini Minor is 10 ECTS and the bigger Asian Programme is 25 ECTS.

Welcome to Study Asia!

Finnish University Network for Asian Studies


List of courses offered in autumn 2020

Visit the course sites to read more about the contents and to access the application form.

Asian Programme 

These courses provide students with a good introduction to contemporary Asia with interdisciplinary basic level courses. You can take individual courses or the whole Asian Programme, which is a 25 ECTS minor degree.

  • Contemporary East Asia (4 or 6 ECTS) (autumn term)
    The course provides students with basic knowledge on today’s social and political phenomena in East Asia. In addition to addressing recent developments in individual countries, the course also deals with emerging regional forms of cooperation.
  • Culture in East and Southeast Asia (3 or 5 ECTS) (autumn term)
    The course aims to give insight into East and Southeast Asia through the viewpoint of the central values in the region and cultural encounters. Students can learn more deeply about their preferred area when selecting the literature for the book exam and topic for the essay


Mini Minor in Asian Studies 

Combine Bachelor level courses (above) with Master’s level courses (below) to create a Mini Minor in Asian Studies (10 ECTS). The Mini Minor is designed for students who prefer to include a small minor in Asian Studies in their degree. It provides the possibility to gain advanced knowledge of a specific theme or region. 

Advanced Master’s level online courses in autumn 2020

Master’s level online courses offer advanced knowledge on Asia. Courses focus on political, social, cultural and economic issues of Asian countries. The Master’s level courses are aimed for students who have already acquired some knowledge about Asia or on the specialty of the particular course.