Introduction to Chinese History

Autumn 2019

Introduction to Chinese History (5 ECTS)

Level: Master’s level

Language: English

Time: Autumn semester 2019, spring semester 2020, summer semester 2020.

Organizer: University of Turku / Finnish University Network for Asian Studies

Goals: Students will learn the general course of Chinese history from the beginning of the Chinese civilization to the present, its major phases, events, personages and developments. As transferable skills students will learn how to assimilate and understand large amounts of new information through following lectures and reading research literature, as well as academic English listening and writing skills.

Contents: The course introduces students to Chinese history from the Stone Age to the present. The focus is on the political development and change of the Chinese state, classical Chinese political philosophy and statecraft, dynastic political system, the dynamics of the interaction between ‘barbarians’ and the Chinese civilization as well as Western influnce in China. Also the modern and contemporary histories of China are introduced and the historical roots of the modern Chinese society discussed during the course.

Taken as: Online course with lectures and literature; exam (arranged once a month).

Students of University of Turku are strongly recommended to take this course as face-to-face classroom teaching in spring 2020. See UTU Peppi for more information.

Application periods: Registered university students with a valid study right from the University Network’s member universities, can register for this course during during the following periods:

  • Autumn term application period: August 26 – September 15, 2019.
  • Spring term application period: November 4-24, 2019.
  • Summer term application period: March 3 – April 14, 2020.

Application period: August 26 – September 15, 2019. Go to application instructions. This course does not have enrollment limits. Some universities may define quotas on the number of students who can take courses offered by the Asia Network.  Information about the quotas is published before the application periods start.

The continuous application possibility is no longer possible as of 16.8.2018.

Other interested persons can register for this course through the Open University at the University of Turku.

Persons who are not registered at the member universities of the University Network for Asian Studies, can apply to this course via the Open University at the University of Turku. There is a quota of five students on this course for students of the Open University. Please note that the Open University has an own, separate application processes.
Information about the application criteria and study fees is available on this web site
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Photo: Lauri Paltemaa. Asianet Material Bank