How to take MOOC courses

MOOC courses arranged by the Asia Network are free and available for everyone who is interested in Asia. The courses offer basic knowledge of the history and societies of contemporary Asia, and about the business environments of the region.

Currently, the Asia Network offers the following MOOC courses:

1. Johdatus Itä-Aasiaan, 3 op
2. Johdatus Kaakkois-Aasiaan, 3 op
3. Johdatus Etelä-Aasiaan, 3 op
4. Introduction to Business in East and Southeast Asia, 3 cr

Students take the courses independently during the set period of time without teachers’ supervision. The courses are based on textbooks. Different online assignments such as quizzes, summaries and discussion tasks are available to support the students’ learning process.

Students can complete the coursework according to their own schedule during the approximate three-month course period. All courses have one or more set time periods for group discussions or peer review assignments.

Application and enrollment for courses and completion of courses

You can enroll for the course without a separate application process during the given registration period. Please check the exact dates on the course websites for the MOOC courses.

Students of the member universities of the Asia Network and self-funding students can apply for the MOOC courses if they want to receive study credits for the successfully completed courses. Information about the application periods is available here.

You can enroll for MOOC courses independently with your Google password or with the HAKA credentials of your university / school at the DigiCampus page. You can see the registration times at the DigiCampus website.

Courses are arranged during a given period of time in the DigiCampus learning environment. Enrollment for courses starts on the first day of the course and remains open for a certain period of time. Check the registration dates on the website for the MOOC courses. The course platform will close on the last day of the course period, and course work cannot be done after that.

It is advisable to acquire the course textbooks in advance before the courses start.

MOOC courses are graded pass/fail.

Certificate and study credits

All students who complete the required course tasks successfully can print a certificate of completion on the DigiCampus platform.

Students who are accepted into MOOC courses through the Asia Network application process, and complete the course work successfully, receive study credits automatically. The credits are recorded in the Peppi Credit Registry at the University of Turku. The students are responsible for transferring the credits to their own university/department. For detailed instructions, read the Study Guide.

The Asia Network does not provide study credits for other students. If you want to get study credits from this course, check in advance with your university/polytechnic if they give credits for the MOOC certificate.

Note! These courses replace the old Asianet basic online courses. If you have already completed the old version with study credits, you cannot include the new MOOC version in your degree as a new course with new credits. However, if you still want to take these courses out of interest, you can do so and receive the MOOC certificate from DigiCampus after completion. In that case, you may register for the courses directly through the DigiCampus course site.