MOOC: Introduction to Business in Asia

C - Shanghai Pudong 3 2006 Lauri Paltemaa

Introduction to Business in Asia (3 credits)

Level: Introductory

Language: English

Course time:

  • Course time: spring, 2025
  • Registration period: TBD. The maximum number of student enrollments in this course is 200.

Organiser: Center for East Asian Studies, University of Turku / University Network for Asian Studies

Contact person:  University lecturer Outi Luova

Objectives: This course provides you with basic information about business in this macro-region. You will learn to identify and understand key issues related to the Asian business environment.

Content: The course covers three major regions in Asia: East, South and Southeast Asia. The course comprises of six modules, of which 2-6 deal with specific countries, as well as important regional issues:

  1. Introduction to the region
  2. Japan, South Korea, and demographic issues
  3. Vietnam, ASEAN, and supply chains
  4. Indonesia and environmental issues
  5. China, climate change and green transition
  6. India and economic geography

It’s recommended to combine this course with “Introduction to Business in Asia – country study” (2 ECTS).

Taken as: This is an asynchronous online course. Students take the course independently in the DigiCampus-learning environment during the course period.

The course material consists of recorded talks and various online materials. Different online assignments such as quizzes and exams support students’ learning process.

Grading: Pass/fail

Further information

Application period in November:

Enrollment :

This is a free online course available for anyone to enroll. The maximum number of student enrollments in this course is 200.

Students who hold a valid study right at a member university of the Asia Network, and self-paying students of the Asia Network, can also register to this course through the Asia Network application process. They will get study credits once they have passed the course. Information about the application period and the application process is available here.

The course is arranged in the DigiCampus learning platform. Sign up using your Google password or your HAKA-credentials (students from Finnish universities or polytechnics)  on this page. Information about the application periods can be found on the DigiCampus website.

Certificate and study credits:

Everyone who enrolls in the course and passes the course may download an automatically created course certificate for free in the DigiCampus learning platform.

Students who are accepted to this course through the application process of the Asia Network, and complete successfully the course work, get study credits. The credits are recorded in the Peppi Credit Registry at the University of Turku. The students are responsible for transferring the credits to their own university/department. For detailed instructions, read the Study Guide.

Asia Network does not provide study credits to other students. If you want to get study credits from this course, check in advance with your university/polytechnic if it gives credits against the MOOC-certificate.

More information about how to take MOOC-courses is available here.

Student voices:

I’m focusing on international business in my studies and taking up Chinese in my foreign language studies. This will definitely be an asset for my future work.

Thank you for a valuable course – it gave me much insight into economic and geopolitical changes in Asia!

I liked that I learned a lot not only about different Asian business environments but also about international business as a whole.  Independent study style was great because it made it possible for me to complete the tasks according to my own schedules.

Students at the member universities of the Asia Network, and self-paying students  can complement this course with the 2-credit course “Introduction to Business in Asia: Country study”.  Information about the course is available here.

Photo: Lauri Paltemaa, Asianet Material Bank